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Circle of Living Hope is a state and federally recognized 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization. We are a licensed child placing agency, who verifies homes to provide foster and foster to adopt services. COLH is currently seeking individuals and families who are interested in opening their homes to children and youth in foster care. Additionally, COLH provides after care services to foster children as they transition to independence. These services include: job skill training, college enrollment assistance, guidance in activating after care benefits, housing, tutoring and more. To download forms click on one of the links below.

​Become A Foster Parent

Opening up your home to help a child in crisis is certainly a very special gift. But our foster and adoptive parents tell us that caring for a Circle of Living Hope child makes a positive difference in their lives, too. Because with Circle of Living Hope, it s all in the match & we take extra care to place just the right kids into just the right homes. Once we've found the right match for both you and the child, we provide you with special training to meet the specific needs of that child. And then we provide professional, round-the-clock support from a casemanager who knows both you and your child. COLH will ensure effective communication and ongoing help when you need it, whenever you need it. If you would like to enrich a child's life while discovering riches in your own, consider becoming a Circle of Living Hope foster parent. You don't need to be wealthy, you don t need to be married, you don t need to have kids of your own and you don t need a Ph.D. in child psychology. What you do need is a desire to provide a safe, nurturing environment to a child.

Application Packet click HERE
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Circle of Living Hope(COLH) was founded in 2006, we strive to lead children in a way that will help them Keep Hope Alive, through faith and spiritual guidance. COLH’s purpose is to provide a therapeutic environment for children previously traumatized by some type of abuse and/or neglect. COLH strives to ensure that maximum knowledge is transmitted to the caregivers so that the children who experience our sincere dedication will develop the necessary skills they will need to function as successful independent adults as they emancipate, transition back to their families, or age out of care. Our efforts to achieve these goals include exercising activities that promote self-empowerment, by enhancing self-esteem, self-reliability, as well as appropriate social and interpersonal skills. ​

COLH's primary goal is permanency for children whether it's through foster/ adoption, relative placement or reunification with biological families, however many youth who leave foster care at 18 years of age or older entered foster care as teenagers. As they prepare to leave care, they need support and services to help them begin the transition to adulthood and prepare for work and personal responsibilities. Studies of youth who leave foster care without a safe, permanent family reveal consistently negative life outcomes. One found that 25 percent of foster care alumni who aged out did not have a high school diploma or GED. Another study found that less than 2 percent finished college compared with 23 percent of youth in the general population. Over half of youth who aged out of foster care experienced one or more episodes of homelessness, and nearly 30 percent were incarcerated at some point—many times the rate for other young adults. Youth who aged out of foster care were less likely to be employed or to have health insurance than were their peers who had not been in foster care. These negative experiences compromise these young adults’ abilities to lead independent, fulfilling and productive lives. COLH's goal is to be that support system and resource that will serve as an extended family and sense of permanency that will enable the youth we serve to meet their maximum potential. A majority of foster youth age out of care without being adopted or having a strong support system that they would have if they had a permanent family.

The circle signifies the consistent devotion to helping those in need. A circle is a symbol of something everlasting, without end, constant, in relation to the efforts of COLH. It also represents a symbol of support, a link that cannot be broken. COLH is dedicated to excellence in all that we do, putting forth our best effort to provide the most genuine care and nurturing possible which will enable children to elevate their self-esteem and maximize their growth spiritually, emotionally, and mentally, by keeping hope alive. COLH encourages children to explore their potential through therapeutic recreation and developing and/or strengthening their relationship with our heavenly father, which will play a key role in discovering their maximum potential and purpose as they are led, by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. “Help us keep hope alive”
​​​“And all thy children shall be taught of the Lord; and great shall be the peace of the children”

Isaiah 54:13

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