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Circle of Living Hope Administrative & Executive Team

Circle of Living Hope was founded by Mr.Daniel O'Steen in 2006 with a vision to assist children and teens in foster care experience the true meaning of love and support that will enable them to grow, heal, and reach maximum potential. COLH has since developed a team of what Mr. O'Steen likes to refer to as one winged angels, meaning that it is impossible to fly and be most effective unless embraced by one another with a common goal in mind. Helping Children keep hope alive, through helping these children identify their true value and potential placed in each and everyone of them. Once this new found ability is revealed, greatness is born.

Daniel O'Steen, B.S., M.A.

CEO/Executive Director

Daniel O'steen is an innovative and energetic visionary who is dedicated to developing foster children in the direction of holistic success in order for them to find positive purpose in society. Mr. O'Steen has a charisma that inspires young people to dream bigger and expand their horizons for their own personal goals.

Bishop William Bray Jr.,B.S

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

William Bray Jr. is a community activist and business strategist who has a keen eye for personal development for children and adults. He is an adept communicator, synergist, administrator and social strategist. His business and social savvy skills equips him to direct others to personal and team oriented success.

Christine Weber

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Christine Weber is a strategist and organizer, with strong logic and innovative ideas. Christine is a strong communicator and a team player . She administrates various operations within Circle of Living Hope, including but not limited to financials, quality assurance and compliance. Christine posses a plethora of background knowledge and experience.

Samantha Williams

LCPAA Administrator
Samantha Williams is a connoisseur in terms of the social service with over a decade of experience. Samantha offers strong leadership skills, oganizational growth & development and a passionate heart. Samantha is a very knowlegeble thinker with the ability to establish trusting relationship with individuals from diverse backgrounds. Samantha Williams is the Administrator of COLH ensuring compliance of overall operations.

Scott Bradney, M.B.A. J.D.

Legal Advisor
Scott Bradney joined our team in October 2011. He is an accomplished lawyer and child advocate who has worked to place hundreds of children in appropriate homes. Additionally, Mr. Bradney is the legal advisor for Circle of Living Hope.
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